Monday, 23 March 2015

The First Post

Well howdy (hand rainbow wave)
My name is Becca and i'm a pretty typical British teenager really. I love tea, i say sorry even when it's not my fault and i complain about the weather a lot. In all honesty the weather here is astonishingly terrible. i decided to set up a brand new blog with a brand new title to well... basically do nothing and do something all at the same time.
I recently turned 18, which was fun for me. It wasn't your typical 'OMG you're finally a fully grown woman and can do anything you want as it is all legal in this country' kind of deal. It was more the 'you're seriously that much of a nerd that on the day you became legally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages you decided to read 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone' for the millionth time in three hours (that was including time to eat and drink).' But that's the kind of person i am, i'm not the most conventional of people, with my fashion sense, my music taste or even my the way i think about people and places.
I'm about to finish my final year at sixth form which is formidable and amazing. It worries me that in just a few months i'll be out of that comfort zone that I've created with a scheduled timetable, being in the same space everyday for seven years and knowing everyone to walk through the doors. But, moving away whether it be in the same place for university or moving away to another part of the country i think i'd still be just as apprehensive about all of it.

Like I mentioned previously I'm into non-conventional music. I suppose you could say that anyway. I do like some mainstream but most of my music taste revolves around alternative. For example, I'd much rather listen to the latest Bring Me the Horizon track than the latest Union J track (I had to google who they were when I saw the pop charts- we'll not talk about that shall we?). But that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of certain popular musicians, Ed Sheeran for example, I'm a huge fan of his. His lyrics, his vocals, his guitar playing. He in general is just pure perfection (is my fangirl showing?) 5 Seconds of Summer a band which are in the pop charts which I'm also a fan of. I love a lot of their songs, sure some of them are repetitive (mainly because I've heard them so many times) but I'm still a big fan. Sadly to say, I like some of One Direction's tunes.Their  latest album I found to be their best yet and honestly, I've listened to it maybe 2 or 3 hundred times (I'm joking) but the point is I do mainly like alternative music. 
My fashion sense was another thing I mentioned previously. This again is deviant from the popular culture ways, although recently the way I dress has become quite fashionable. I dress in a way people may consider grunge meets punk meets I'm really strapped for cash at the moment. Which basically means I wear over-sized band shirts with 90s grunge plaid shirts and ripped skinny jeans. Usually with Converse or army style boots. Which I suppose you could argue isn't very much like the cropped tops and tight skirts which are seen as fashionable. 
I would say I had quite a dark sense of humour. You know the kind when old people fall over in the street you almost wet yourself with laughter. That's me. Or the one where if your friend falls down the stairs in school you laugh before helping them back up again. It's probably not a good thing to have but I have it. I haven't always had it. It kind of developed through the influence of my step-dad. I'm definitely the sort of person who when you're sleeping would shave off your eyebrows or shave something into your hair (not on your head that's going too far even by my standards) but if you're a guy I'd check that all your leg hair is still there. Also, I draw a lot of dicks for being a chick. Like way too many to the point where myself and one of my friends on a day trip to London with our AS English Literature class decided to draw Penis' (I'm not sure on the plural for the male sexual organ) on our only male friend's arm in eyeliner whilst he slept. 
As I'm currently in my final year of sixth form (that's Senior year to anyone who wanted to know) I'm currently going through some pretty cool and weird things. Yearbooks are one of them. It's the first time or ever done one, which I think is mainly why it's so strange as questions like 'who is the most likely to end up in prison' aren't things I think about in my daily life. So it's been a struggle figuring out how to answer without a) offending or b) cussing. Another really annoying thing was trying to find a photo of myself where I didn't look terrible, see I have this thing where I physically cannot take a serious picture. They're literally all ridiculously messed up on so many levels, so finding one where I didn't have a purpose double chin or I'm not cross eyed was... Difficult. I did end up finding a photo of myself which was okay, I suppose. But there was difficulty with that as I have my hand covering my mouth and it was taken in a Huey kind of lighting needless to say, it's tough luck because there are literally no other and definitely no better photographs of me. 
I do have my faults... Obviously. I mean I have a bit of an obsession with tumblr, I'm on most of the day and lord help my followers when one of my favourite musical artists has released new music because I will re-blog the shit out of them posts (I advise you take this seriously). Then of course there's my music problem, I really like music. Like more than is normal, I listen to it when I sleep. I'm not joking when I say that, I sleep with my headphones in and if you previously thought it was impossible to sleep whilst listening to metal or punk rock you are so darn wrong because I do every night. I listen through my headphones when I'm in class a lot of the time too, my hair's really long so I'm able to hide the cord quite easily. In the last ten years I can count the number of times I haven't listened to music on my own two hands which is something not a lot of people are able to say. I'm also a bit of a photography buff. I really enjoy taking photos, I don't enjoy being in them but taking them is an all together different thing. I like the ability of expression through the eye of a lens, it's been something which has intrigued me for a while and since getting my own camera I've even able to picture things that wouldn't have been seen otherwise. 
I have so many problems though, I mean I'm someone who literally cannot look at a photo where there is a tile the wrong colour to the other however many as it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I suppose so you could say i'm slightly OCD, i try not to be but unfortunately i'm that level of weird where even everyday things bug me. So there's a little about me, i really hope you all enjoy my blog, as i'm sure it's going to be loads of fun to create, thinking of new subjects weekly (which is when i intend to update - hopefully that'll plan out right), being able to actually write as for an English student and an English person i'm terrible at English. Also, i'll be leaving links down to my social media so that if anyone wants to get in touch it's simple and easy to do so. I'm always available, and if anyone wants to talk about anything my ask box, DM, PM etc. are always open for you. Some of the issues raised in some of my blog posts may be quite close-to-the-bone and some may seem to be triggering and/or offensive but unfortunately so is life so I do suggest that people understand this and if anything i ever raise makes you feel bad or good or however it may make you feel i do encourage people to talk to me about it and if you want leave comments in the comment box that is usually below these posts. Thank You all very much for reading.


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