Saturday, 16 May 2015

Music Taste

Much like my other posts i had an anon on tumblr ask me to do this post. I didn't think that my music tastes would be such a problem but apparently to some they are.
Music is defined by a person's own tastes, so some may find that they like a specific genre more than another, some may find they cannot stand one genre and some may find that they like everything equally. Some may find that they only like Classical and others may only like Death-core. But the point remains it is all down to the individuals preference.
Personally, i am a fan of most music i could happily sit down and listen to the latest the vamps track and then follow it up with listening to some old school Suicide Silence. But my tastes have differed in the past and most probably will in the future, it's natural. My tastes when i was a young kid, were the weirdest. Like i said previously in my posts i've been a fan of AC-DC from a young age, it's the same with Metallica and Iron Maiden, i grew up appreciating classic rock and heavy metal bands because of my step-father's influence. But at the same time i was into popular music. I'd happily listen to Aqua singing 'Barbie Girl'. When Busted came out, it was a somewhat revelation, they were a big thing when i was young, still are now but back then Charlie Simpson was a member and my favourite member to be exact. I've always had a thing about blondes, i guess that's one of the reasons i like Luke Hemmings so much. Anyway, we're deviating from the point. This was the age i started to use music as a somewhat escape. A lot of stuff happened when i was younger and one of those was my biological parents divorce. Although, now-a-days it's quite a normal thing back in the early 2000s it was still something of a deviated social norm and was still frowned upon a little. Especially in my home town because most people were still in their relationships abusive or not. Because of this i'd started to get bullied, there was this one boy in particular, Toby. He was this large kid who every lunch time would look for me in the playground. I can't remember the amount of times i'd go home with a bruised abdominal area because this kid thought he was a big man hitting a female child. Months later my brother had found out and beat him up for me, it turned out he was getting hit by his father and was taking it out on several young girls at our school. But because of this i'd turned to music, like many kids before and after me. The lyrics allowed my mind to wander away from the problems i was facing, but at the same time allowed me to confront them and it was nice, I was in control. Well, of some things. I'd remained quite steady with my musical tastes for years after that, i was still bullied now and again, but i always thought that was natural. I wasn't so much into music when i reached my pre-teen years. I was more of the social type i used to spend a lot of time out with my best friend (at the time, since then i realised how much of a manipulating whore she is and we fell out). But once i got to around 13 i really got into music, and it was bad. I started to go through weird phases where i'd be low one day and feeling on top of the world the next. This was when i discovered bands i'd never even thought i'd like. Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria and it was great, their lyrics were basically how i was feeling at that time and since then i've been an avid fan of them. Always listening to their latest tracks and albums.
I'm not sure that this has really explained my taste in music, i can't really explain it. It's just something that through time i've had. There's always a natural progression in life, whether it be from simply growing up or something in your time has changed your view and you become more attracted to a specific aspect within music your tastes are forever changing and its something that people need to embrace. I got into the bands i listen to because of time and change, i don't know why or how i could like both ACDC and One Direction at once but then again how can someone like Ice Cream and Chili Heatwave Doritos?  So i'm sorry anons if there isn't a specific answer to the questions you posed i just don't have them.
 Thank you all very much for reading.

Also, i recently got a Flickr account where i post pictures of places i've been and things i've done so go check that out if you want to.

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