Saturday, 27 June 2015


Change can occur at any time in a person's life and sometimes its easy and sometimes it's difficult to deal with. Everyone has had that one thing that they just don't want to change and it could be something as simple as they don't want to have to use a new password on their blog because they forgot their old one... that is definitely not a personal example. Okay, maybe it is. Or it could be something major like the death of a loved one and the change which results in such a tragic occurrence. The change i'm more accustomed with is more of a transitional change. Where nothing really does change accept the way you're feeling and the environment you're surrounded with.
Recently, i went on holiday with my friends from school. The people i went with mean a lot to me, we've been through all sorts of stuff both individually and as a group and we've done it together. Which, means that we have quite a strong bond, something many others don't have. My mother always tells me that a person may have a hundred friends but not one loyal to them, yet another may have only three and them all loyal. I look at my close knit and small friend circle to be like that, at least i hope it's like that. The reason i'm bringing this up is because of why we went on holiday together. As i mentioned in my last post; I'm back, i finished exams and furthermore finished school. Our holiday was an attempt to create new and better memories for when we're no longer together again, and i promise you i will definitely remember the past three days with the six greatest people in my life. From the entry of our little temporary home, which seriously at one point everyone called it home, when we saw the sign welcoming us, to the final night where i saw a lot more of my friends than i ever expected, and finally the last goodbye. It's not going to be the last goodbye obviously, we'll all see each other at least two times more before we all depart for university, but it's different somehow. That's the last time we'll be together for a long amount of time, presumably. I mean next year we might do it all again, stay in the same cabin, sleep in the same beds and laugh at the same jokes and funny faces. Take pictures in the exact same positions and see how much we've all changed in just one year, or maybe we'll forget about it. Maybe it will become a distant memory that will only come forward in our minds when we're scrolling through old photographs and see it. The picture of us all under the welcome sign smiling like we've won the lottery, the picture of us all in the cafe that sold the dream catchers and nobody liked the schmoo chocolate milkshakes, the picture of us all sat around the dining room style table bottles of vodka and cider surrounding us but we don't care that we all look tired and some of us look drunk because it's our holiday and we spent it the way we wanted to.
I wanted to write about change, because it's a big part of life, and it's something we have to learn to accept. I'm going to have to accept that i'm never going to be with my friends in the way i have been for 5+ years. I'm going to have to accept that, that chapter of my life is over now and i have to move forward because although it won't be the same i'll always have the memories of it. Every time i look at my prefect badge or my old school blazer badge, i'll remember the countless lunch times i spent joking around and making a fool of myself. The multiple accidental insults and the countless intentional insults. They'll always be there just not present.
Perhaps after everything we should just remember the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt; Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a gift; that's why they call it the present. Because after all if it wasn't for the present there would be no past, no memories and nothing to change.
Thank you all very much for reading.



  1. Becca I hate you for giving me the feels. I don't want things to change!! D':

    1. i'm sorry, i didn't think it made sense when i pressed publish i was like well too late now haha