Friday, 14 August 2015

The Month Update!

After my holiday i have returned. I'm so excited to tell you all everything that happened in the past month or so.
Starting with my holiday to New York City in America (of course). I arrived at JFK at around 9am on July 31st and honestly i did absolutely nothing for the following three days but lay in bed and watch really crap TV (sorry america but your television some how wasn't as good as i expected it to be), but after the three days of me getting over jet lag and a mild case of the flu i was up and running and explored. I went quite a few places in NYC and i can tell anyone who hasn't been that YOU HAVE TO GO. From visiting the usual local attractions such as the Empire State Building in Manhattan to the beauty that is St. Patrick's Cathedral. I did however have two areas that i wanted to visit that the last time i went (when i was 6) i wasn't all that interested in going to or even realised the existence of. Number One was of course the famous 'Central Park' i mainly wanted to go there because of my ever growing obsession with 'Friends' and also because it's such a cute area. The second place i really wanted to visit wasn't actually in New York, but in New Jersey which if i remember correctly was only about 2 hours away in the car. A lot of people have seen and heard of it, 'Carlos Bakery'. I've sort of grown up watching it on the TV in the form of Cake Boss with the head of it called 'Buddy'. But yeah those where the two places i really wanted to see and i finally got to do so and it was amazing to have that opportunity. Whilst i was away however, we did get some horrible news which caused for an early exit out of America and back into the UK. Unfortunately, my favourite uncle had a stroke one day in early August and as we were out of the country it took a while to hear about it. Our fortnight stay was reduced to just a week before we made a hasty exit to look after my uncle. Once we got home we found out that there were many more complications than just the usual stroke, he'd also had a bleed to the brain, which was the reasoning behind his stroke and at the same time had a cluster of ulcers which made it had for him to eat and well, the opposite of eat. However, i am happy to announce that he is now living with my family and I and doing fine, he recently had an endoscopy which is where they place a camera down your throat and the results are that his ulcers are clearing up and he should be back to normal in that department within a couple of weeks. We are currently looking for a bungalow near my family and i for him to live in so that we can be close to him so he has a possibility of round the clock care. Thankfully, he is now feeling much better and should if all goes to plan and his rehabilitation goes well should be back on his feet by the end of the year.
My third piece of news is so good. As you well know i applied for university back in January and i can happily announce I GOT MY GRADES and in September i will be attending my first choice of university, which was in fact Sunderland. I received a D in Sociology, a C in Media Studies and a C in English Literature which enables me to get into both of the universities i accepted. I am also happy to announce that all of my friends have been accepted into university and all will be attending whether it be next year as they have gone through deferred entry or if it's at the same time as me which is in September of this year.
My fourth piece of good news is that my brother, who is hard working and dedicated will in September be starting a full time job as LSA, which means learning support assistant. He'll be working at the local college (New College Durham) and will finally be able to quit the job that he hates; working in Tesco.
Earlier in July i got a job, which at the end of July i quit. Which to me is funny. There are reasons i quit mainly that management were arseholes and they never offered me shifts despite the fact i made myself available to them. But i got a one of payment of £40 and although it is spent i do have some kind of experience in sales now.
We successfully moved my second uncle into a disability approved bungalow where is is now comfortably living and despite the fact he has terminal Motor Neuron Syndrome he is expected to live comfortably to at least the end of the year, which is both a blessing and a curse as although he should be okay till the end of the year he's still suffering in more than one way.
I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped over the past couple of months, doctors, nurses, house help, my friends and my family. I know i haven't been the greatest help, well in fact i've been a nuisance but i do thank you and i'm deeply appreciative. I can't believe that after heaven only knows how much studying and pain myself and my friends are able to get into university and for at least the next year most of us are going to be near each other.
I couldn't ask for more helpful and considerate friends because they've helped me get through a lot this academic year, from the death of my grandmother, to the attempt at suicide my father made a few months back  (specific shout out for Joanna right there, i know you read this). I'm so grateful and if i could i'd buy each of you the world.
I do have another piece of news which i hate to actually think about. Earlier in the month whilst we were busy seeing to my uncle we received a phone call from my step-brother wanting to reach out and get back in touch with my family. The reason i don't like to think about it is down to the fact that as a person he is disgusting, for reasons i might go into on another post but he is my step-father's son and i have to go with what he wants.
Thank you all very much for reading.


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