Friday, 18 September 2015

The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end... and a little update.

This week was the start of my new life as a full time University student. As many of you know from my multiple posts about myself i'm naturally nervous and this week was no different, well it was actually, my nerves were worse that ever before. This week started off with me having to go to registration and enrolment, both of which i'd done online meaning all i had to do for the day was go and get my free travel pass, which has an insanely embarrassing photo of me, which is the most up-to-date picture i have of myself. Of course, the week started off in typical me fashion, as i didn't have the freshers subject specific timetable, therefore meaning that i had no idea where i was going and resulting in me missing my first load of talks, which incidentally were one of the most important as we were to find out whom our personal tutors were, something i'm still to find out even now. However, Tuesday went better as i received my real timetable as well going to my subject specific talk and choosing my course modules. Which took little time and meant i was waiting around for a while but i honestly didn't mind that as i was able to find my way around the city. Wednesday i didn't do anything as there was nothing scheduled accept the completion of the work i'd done the day before meaning i thankfully had the day off as i was already completely tired from the previous two days. Thursday was much like Wednesday accept i did have to get a form signed from the head of my department, otherwise known as the faculty of education and society. Unfortunately however, they weren't available so i went home without the form signed. Friday, today, I had the final introductory meetings with the staff and students that will be with me during my course. A lot of information was given during the space of the hour but honestly, i feel really positive about university, i mean i'll be in tens of thousands of pounds debt but i feel as though i's going to be okay. The reason i called this post the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end is because university is the beginning of the end of education but at the same time this week is the end of the beginning of my university life, as of Monday i will no longer be a 'fresher' i'll be a first year student to a further educational institution and that makes me happy. I suppose you could also say this is the end of an end too, as it's showing that I'm no longer the child i once was, i'm not going back to primary school or secondary school or even sixth form. I'm 18 at university and in a mere three years i'll be a graduate looking for a job in the bog bad world.

So, as i mentioned i started uni but alongside the start of uni is also my student finance and i am happy to announce that thanks to the government ( at the one thing you've ever done right) i have now joined the righteous group of macbook owners. I bought a macbook air and this is my first post written on it, which i'm sadly excited about. Also i did my favourite thing ever, STATIONARY SHOPPING, where i got the deal of a life time i.e. i got a pack of 20 sharpie pens which should've been £20 but was in fact £8.99 which i was ridiculously excited about. Also, on Tuesday me and my friend Emily met up and had a nice McDonald's lunch together, which is something we haven't done in a while and was nice as we got to catch up over the stuff we'd been doing all day and all the things that we had planned for the week as well as gawping over our campus ID's and how my face look corrugated in the photo. Like i said it was nice to have that time to just hang out. So that's my little update for this week, i've decided to try and update often with things about my course as a perhaps window into everything as well as help for people who may think about doing the same course as me when they go to university. Thank you for reading and i hope you all have a wonderful day/week.

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