Monday, 2 November 2015

Growing Up or Grown Up...?

Something that has been poignant within my life for a while is the thought and the concept of growing up. Recently i attended a comedy gig of Geordie funny man Chris Ramsey which was actually entitled 'All Growed Up' which despite the terrible grammar really spiked me into thinking about growing up. A main theme within his stand-up was when do we really know when we've grown up? Honestly, neither he nor i have an answer to that. So naturally i turned to my friends for help and surprisingly they didn't come out with bogus and stupid ideas, for example, Matthew, my only male friend, said; "I don't think you know (when you grow up) because it happens so gradually, like other people would see it but because you're yourself every day so you naturally don't notice the change... Like I know I'm more grown up than I was a year ago but I don't feel like it all the time. Like people think you're young until you hit 18 and then suddenly you grow up but you never stop growing up really, do you?" and as a response to the question 'Do you think you're all grown up' he replied; "Nope, I mean I've started growing up but it takes years. Decades even." The answer in itself seems insanely profound but it's understandable and relatable. See it's a question that no one really knows the answer too, because maybe it's one of those personal things, where everyone has their own perception of what the definition is and when it begins or how it begins.
I think one of the most defining moments of being grown up or at least realising for me that I was in the process of growing up was when i realised that coffee and energy drinks weren't just a 'drink for fun' kind of drink they were a necessity for my everyday life, because without them i'd fall asleep during a lesson or now-a-days a lecture. Things like this are why everyday you expect to feel more adult, more 'grown up' but in reality it's not a constant, it's more of a spurt out of no where, where you notice the change, you notice a quality that you previously would've only seen in people older and more mature. The other day i sat worrying if my student finance would see me through the semester, this alone is something i once only saw as being that typical 'grown up' thing to do, so does that mean i am a grown up? No, because what about all the other aspects of life. I still live with my parents, i depend on my mum for my washing, ironing etc. I get my best friend to dye my hair and i spend money on frivolous things like cookies and Irn Bru. So, is there a criteria to being grown up? Perhaps, i mean if i look at someone and they don't tick all the metaphorical boxes i have i don't really see them as a grown up. If they're under a certain age even if they do tick every other box i still don't see them as a grown up. Therefore, that must mean there's a difference between being an adult and being a grown up.
This has been quite a short post but it's something that i hold quite close to me what with growing up being quite a poignant aspect within life at this current time.

Thank you all very much for reading and i hope you enjoyed my little review and breakdown and maybe you check out her music and here is how you can get in touch with me if you ever want or need to.

P.S. I will be posting a review / lyric breakdown of 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe)' album which was released on 23rd October 2015 next week (hopefully) so look out for that.

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